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Choosing a Bengal Companion: A Perfect Fit for you? Find out with Ares the Happy cat.

Have you ever wondered if a Bengal cat is the right choice for you? Read this blog article about Ares, the happy cat, which might help you better understand this breed.

Read all about Ares and learn from a Bengal cat owner at first hand!

Introduction: A Feline Star is Born

Bengal cats are well known for their unique looks and lively characters, and Ares is a shining example of
this breed. Ares became a part of Tanja and her 19-year-old daughter’s lives on October 14, 2022, a date
they’ll never forget. Born on August 1, 2022, Ares coincidentally shares his birthday with Switzerland’s
national bank holiday. While he may not be a financial guru, he certainly enriches their lives with joy and

The Name “Ares”: A Mythical Connection

For many pet owners there’s a special story behind the name of their pet, and Ares’ name holds a story
of its own. Ares’ father was named Zeus and the family decided to stick with Greek mythology. The name
“Ares” was chosen, not for its association with space shuttles or modern technology, but because it’s
simple, easy to remember, and carries no preconceived notions. Surprisingly, Ares, the god of war, is an
unusual namesake for their Bengal, who’s more of a peace-loving boy, except when it’s time for a vet

Choosing a Bengal Companion: A Perfect Fit

The motivation for choosing a Bengal breed was simple for Tanja, who works, and her daughter, who is a
student. They were looking for a cat that could be independent for a few hours but still enjoy their
company, and Ares was the perfect fit. Their daily schedule involves short walks, and on weekends, they
go on longer adventures, bringing him along wherever they go.

Ares’ Impact: Paws of Happiness

Ares has had a huge impact on Tanja and her daughter’s lives. He’s brought them so much happiness.
What makes him special is that he’s always there at the door, purring and welcoming them back. Ares is
more than just a pet; he’s like a beloved friend who fits perfectly into their lives. Leaving pawprints on
their heart and soul.

Amusing Ares Anecdotes: Hilarity Ensues

Ares has been part of some funny moments. Once, at a restaurant, a waiter thought he was a dog and
brought water for him. Another time, when he used a dog toilet, someone jokingly asked if they were
paying a dog tax for a cat using it. Ares also goes with them on shopping trips and gets lots of attention,
sitting in a shopping trolley. He’s even had amusing visits to Tanja’s mother, who lives in a care home and
uses a wheelchair. There was one time when, as Tanja’s mother held him for a moment, Ares jumped on
the table and ran to the other side of the restaurant. He sure knows how to take advantage of the
situation.While Ares has had chances to explore, he never goes too far. He’s a brave and well-behaved
boy, except when it’s time for a vet visit. Examinations rarely take place because Ares isn’t cooperative at
all.Tanja always wears gardening gloves for vaccinations. After such stressful moments, Ares finds
comfort in climbing at least three trees to ease his stress.

Ares’ Favorite Pastimes: Purr-fect Playtime

Ares is a playful and energetic cat who enjoys various toys and activities. He loves chasing toys on
strings, exploring tunnels and boxes, and climbing cat trees. They keep him entertained by hiding treats
in places where he has to climb to get them. Outdoors, Ares has fun with trees, leaves, bugs, mice, and
watching birds.

Challenges with Ares: Morning Mischief

One challenge of having Ares is his early morning hunger for treats, especially on workdays. Tanja gets
up at 5:30 in the morning to feed him, but on weekends, Ares doesn’t understand the routine change,
leading to early morning meows. His loud voice can be disruptive in an apartment. Luckily, a little cuddle
usually helps him go back to sleep.

Caring for Ares’ Dietary and Health Needs: Purr-fect Health

Ares gets great care when it comes to his food and health. He eats high-protein, grain-free food and
loves freeze-dried treats. There was a change in his snacks from dried chicken necks to frozen mice after
he had a tough time swallowing a chicken neck whole. After attending the live session with Dr. Smudge
,they were adviced not to use raw nor dry freezed food so they are now going to try different kind of
options. To keep Ares healthy, Tanja pays close attention to his diet and keeps him active and happy.

Tips for Bengal Cat Enthusiasts: A Word of Advice

If you’re thinking about getting a Bengal cat, Tanja’s advice is to be well-informed. Bengals are not just
good-looking; they are also very active. It’s important to make sure your lifestyle matches the needs of
this breed for a smooth and happy life together.

A Day in Ares’ Life: Paws and Play

A typical day for Ares begins with an early morning treat. He enjoys napping on the balcony when the
weather is nice or finding cozy spots like a cat tree or a hammock by the window. Sometimes, they take
him on shopping trips in a bag inside a shopping trolley, with a walk along the way. On days when Tanja
works from home, Ares might even get two walks, making their time together more fun.

Ares on Instagram: A Window into His World

You can see Ares’ daily life on their Instagram account, where they share his playful moments and
adorable antics. This social media platform shows how charming Ares is and how much joy he brings to
Tanja and her daughter’s lives.

Upcoming Adventures with Ares: Autumn Escapades

With autumn holidays approaching, Tanja and her daughter are excited about exploring new places and
having more adventures with Ares. These trips are sure to create special moments and treasured
memories, all thanks to their beloved Bengal cat.

In Conclusion: Ares, the Bengal Cat – A True Companion

To wrap it up, Ares, the Bengal cat, is more than just a pet; he’s a close friend, a laughter generator, and
a loyal companion to Tanja and her daughter. Ares shows us that the best pals often come with whiskers and endless affection.


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