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Browse through our PAWsome campaign deals. Know not all deals are on our website, some deals like one time only deals or smaller campaigns are only send to people in our database who have an account with us already. Some deals will only be sent to you in the form of a newsletter.

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After choosing your favorite campaign, you can sign up for it by creating an account and filling out the form with the deal you like. If you already have an account, just log in and you can fill in the form directly.

Account audit

After signing up for a campaign, Petsfluence will do an account audit and present you to the brand.

Running the campaign

You're selected! Yeah! We'll send you an email containing all the details of your contract and how to succesfully run your campaign.

Completing the campaign

After completing the tasks ask in your campaign briefing, the campaign is finished and you are ready to do a next campaign. For paid collabs this is the moment to get paid!
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