The children’s book ‘SNOR’ makes your cat your HAPPIEST friend! Snor “is the first science-based picture story about cats. A must-have for all cat lovers, big and small, child or even adults, this book makes cat and child/adult the happiest of friends!

Are you curious about what your cat thinks and feels? Do you want to understand what your cat is trying to tell you? You will discover it all thanks to this funny and realistic story in which the refined cat language is correctly portrayed. In a very fun way you learn how to make your own cat even more comfortable! Snor the cat tells you very, very early in the morning on an ordinary Sunday, starting with a morning concert after an adventurous night. Snor is a Sacred Birman with nothing sacred about it …
Written by the founder of Chat-o-Gand a experienced feline behaviorist and her mother who was a passionate book teacher, this realistic story is based on the latest insights into feline behavior.
Targeted Petsfluencers

We are looking for cat accounts on instagram or facebook with minimum 2500 followers and a minimum of 4% engagement rate! Vloggers on other social media channels or blog writers welcome to this deal too.

Target country

Belgium and south Netherlands

You will get this awesome book for FREE in return for a Feed and Story feature on instagram where you place a 24h biolink to their shop, a post on your personal facebook about it + review on their website!
Petfluencers who have successfully finished this campaign will be able to use a 1 time 20% discount on any of the following services too:
•Boarding cattery *cathotel (with a minimum stay of 7 days)
•Coat care
•Behavioral therapy

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