A natural balance for your four-legged friend!

Chōmi Pets stands for balance, harmony, and staying close to your pet’s ‘natural self.’ We strive for all pets to lead a healthy, happy, and balanced life. This is essential for everyone because, let’s face it, happy pets make happy owners!

Michael, founder of Chōmi and a passionate animal lover with over 40 years of experience in the wholesale pet food industry, often observed the same issues with pets along with an experienced veterinarian. Problems with the skin, coat, ears, eyes, and digestive system were common. Their solution? Natural nutrition that stays close to the pet’s ‘natural self.’ After years of development, Chōmi’s product line was born. All our products are based on the power of nature, keeping your loyal companion radiant and in top condition every day.

  • Fresh meat for a joyful four-legged friend
  • Grain-free dry food for balanced digestion
  • Natural shampoos for radiant wild hair
  • Alcohol-free perfumes for a natural refreshment
Target country

The Netherlands and Belgium

Targeted Petsfluencers

We are looking for cats and dogs with social media accounts on Instagram and/or Facebook, with an absolute minimum of 5k followers and high engagement. It’s essential to note that this brand specifically seeks Ambassadors for the long run who love to test out all their food and snacks up to new products when launched. Note that being an ambassador means you will need to post on regular basis. If you can not commit on the long run please do not sign up on this deal. If you also have good engagement from your followers on your posts and the major part of your followers are Dutch followers, then you are the perfect fit and can sign up for this opportunity.

In exchange for regular posting about this brand, along with honest reviews now and then, you will get a lot of food, snacks and products of this brand to try out on a very regular basis. Please be aware that they are looking for Ambassadors on the long run, and you will need to commit on the long run.When you sign up for this deal it means you can commit to this brand only too, meaning you will not promote other food and or snacks of other brands. This is a real ambassador program where you go ALL IN for this brand.
You will get a 20% discount code for your followers, family and friends + you will get a commission of 10% of all products sold through you. Ambassadors earn between 100 and 200 Euro per month by being on the ambassador team. Of course this depends a lot on your efforts too. Your ambassadorship is of course result based and can only keep going if you bring value to this brand. So a great way to earn extra while getting to test out pawsome products for your pet(s).

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