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Makesurepet is a brand under their manufacturer mother company that offers pawsome and high-quality design cat and dog products. These products are not only functional but also visually appealing to humans. If you love a nice architectural interior design in your home, then Makesurepet products are the perfect fit for you.

Targeted Petsfluencers

We are looking for cats with a social media account on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube, with an absolute minimum of 2,000 followers and higher engagement. IMPORTANT: Before you apply, please note that this brand is specifically looking for content creators who live in a beautiful interior home, as they prefer content that showcases the product in a well-designed interior. Therefore, having a visually appealing interior design in your own home is required. Content creators with experience in photography within the interior design/home decor niche or DIY decor will have a higher chance of being accepted. If you also have good engagement from your followers on your posts, then you are the perfect fit and can sign up for this deal. Vloggers and blog writers on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are also welcome.

Target country

USA Only


You will receive a FREE product and a $15 Amazon Gift Card in return for a Feed and Story feature, as well as a review on the website.

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