Introducing Pezzie: The Ultimate Pet Community Platform

Pezzie is set to revolutionize the pet community as the go-to social media platform for pet enthusiasts worldwide. Say goodbye to scattered pet communities across different platforms; Pezzie brings everything pet-related together in one connected space. Connect with pet lovers, professionals, breeders, and more, without feeling overlooked in a sea of unrelated content.

Pezzie stands out with its dedication to all pet-related content. They are seeking pet niche influencers to promote their app and gather valuable user feedback for further improvements.

The app combines the best features of existing social media platforms, allowing you to create profiles for yourself and your pets seamlessly. One unique feature is the memorial function, preserving the memories of your beloved pets even after they’re gone.

Pezzie’s feed offers a perfect blend of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, allowing engagement with pictures and comments. For businesses and pet professionals, it offers a wealth of possibilities, similar to LinkedIn but with additional benefits.

Join Pezzie now and be part of the ultimate destination for pet lovers who enjoy connecting through social media. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the transformation of the pet community platform!

Targeted Petsfluencers

We are seeking passionate pet lovers with a strong presence on Instagram and high engagement to join our exciting opportunity. Whether you have a few followers or a large following, and no matter what type of pet you adore and share on social media, we welcome pet enthusiasts from all corners of the world to sign up.

The only prerequisite before becoming part of this opportunity is to familiarize yourself with Pezzie. We kindly ask you to try out Pezzie by signing up at and experiencing it firsthand. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be promoting to your followers. Rest assured, there are no restrictions on the number of followers you need to have, and any pet lover can participate.

Once you sign up, the selection process may take up to 3 months. Therefore, if you’re unable to advertise this within the next 4 months after being chosen at a later stage, we request you not to sign up.

So, if you’re passionate about pets and have a captivating Instagram presence, don’t miss out on this chance to advertise with fellow pet lovers for Pezzie.

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In exchange for a Feed and Story feature, you will receive an upgrade to a PRO/PREMIUM account on the pezzie platform, long with a 50 Euro compensation just to share your account to your friends on Instagram.

Are you not on Instagram, but do you have a great social media presence elsewhere, you are free to sign up too, make sure to write in your sign up what that presence is and what you can do for this advertisement. So bloggers are welcome to sign up too.

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