Do you LOVE to try out this mixbox of 12pieces of delicious deep freezed raw dog food (2 times 6 flavours) delivered at your doorstep?

Raw4Dogs is a complete fresh meat food based on the natural diet of the wolf, the ancestor of our dogs. Transparency and quality are important spearheads for them. Raw4Dogs only contain meat, organs and bones from healthy animals that also have been found to be fit for human consumption. The food is also packaged in a transparent packaging so that you can actually see what you are buying. In addition, each package clearly states which ingredients have been used in what quantities.

Targeted Petsfluencers

We are looking for dogs with a social media account on instagram. The followers count is not so important, but the egagement is. So if you have a good engagement from your followers on your posts? Then you can sign up on this deal!

Target country

The Netherlands. (some area of Belgium *only for very high quality content accounts with a higher engagement)


You will get this product for FREE + a 25 Euro compensation. (accounts above 12k with a minimum of 4% engagement and a high engagement on commentsection get 50 Euro) in return for a Feed and Story feature + review on the brands website!

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