Do you LOVE to try out some delicious smolke food?

At Smølke they understand better than anyone that you want to enjoy a happy and satisfied dog or cat that feels good about itself for as long as possible. To keep your dog or cat in optimal condition, Smølke offers complete All-in-one top quality nutrition. Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that ensure good resistance, strong bones and a shiny coat! Feeding Smølke ensures that you have the certainty of a complete diet.

Targeted Petsfluencers
We are looking for cats and/or dogs with a social media account on instagram. The followers count is not so important, but the egagement is. So if you have a good engagement from your followers on your posts and overall dutch engagement? Then you can sign up on this deal!
Target country

The Netherlands & Belgium


You will get FREE products (dry and/or wet food)+ a 25 Euro compensation. (accounts above 12k with a minimum of 4% engagement and a high engagement on commentsection get 50 Euro)  in return for a Feed and Story feature + review on the brands website!

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