Do you find fresh filtered water important for your pet? Even on the go? Well,… then is this deal the perfect fit for you!

Do you find fresh filtered water important for your pet, even on the go? Well, then this deal is the perfect fit for you!

It’s easy to leave water in a simple bowl, but there’s no guarantee that it will last the day without being tipped over or the floor becoming soaked in water. Additionally, the water can become stale and dirty. Remember that pets need to drink 1oz of water for every pound of weight each day. Cats are susceptible to kidney problems, and pets, in general, like humans, need a decent supply of water to retain energy and maintain their coat. Torus was designed to solve these problems, and we have now added an even higher standard of filtration and protection against contaminants using a proprietary filter mechanism and antimicrobial technology.

We hope Torus helps your pet and gives you peace of mind knowing that they have the clean water they need… even when you are away.

Targeted Petsfluencers

We are looking for cats and dogs with a social media account on Instagram. Do you have a minimum of 4,000 followers? And do you have great engagement, good photo quality, or experience in video editing? (High engagement is prioritized over follower count). If so, you can sign up for this deal.

Target country

UK, Canada, USA and Germany


You will receive this product (bowl + 6 filters) for FREE in exchange for a Feed and Story feature, as well as a review on the brand’s website!

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