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●You have a gorgeous dog and like to get everyone to see her/him? Well then you can buy yourself a story and feed feature on @dogstagramdog | Instagram. Good to know that 20% of your payment goes to a charity goal selected by petsfluence. Our signed up petsfluencers who have the newsletter option turned on are given a discount of the pricing (already applied when logged in as a petsfluencer)

How do I get featured after my payment?

●Simple! You just send proof of your payment through a direct message to @dogstagramdog on instagram. The team there will get back to you as soon as possible.
*Dogstagramdog only features HQ content. So make sure your picture is of outstanding quality. In case your content does not meet dogstagramdog’s standards the team might ask you to provide another picture. If that is not possible we can refund you back but know our teams have a lot of editing skills so they can help you in making your picture look better with it. If you are not sure you always can ask the team through a dm if your content meets the standards first.
Refunds are done with the transaction fee on your expenses.
*ONLY for personal dog accounts!
*NOT for Advertisers or shops/other feature pages , please reach out to marketing@petsfluence.com to ask for our advertising rates.