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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a lot of questions! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see something you want to know? We would love to hear from you with any questions you may have!

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For influencers

How does it work (influencer campaign option)

Step 1

Read the terms and conditions!

It is very important to us at Petsfluence to set some ground rules for our Petsfluencers in campaigns. Brands invest a significant amount of time and money on their Petsfluencers. It doesn’t just stop with the price of the product. They also pay for shipping costs and in a lot of instances border fees, all so you don’t have to!
This means it is very important to know the Petsfluence rules we apply to every campaign.
By signing up you automatically agree to our Terms And Conditions as well with our Privacy Statement.
Have you read it? Would you like to proceed in signing up? Great!!! Once you are finished reading the next steps, proceed to Influencer Sign In.

Step 2

Congratulations! You are now almost signed up.
You will receive an email with a confirmation code. Please, make sure to verify your email and fill out the requested information as completely as possible. This helps us when a Brand needs your info to send your products to you!
Make sure to click yes to receive our newsletter. If you do not subscribe, brand deals will NOT be emailed to you. So be sure to opt in for our newsletter for the latest Brand deals. You can choose not to but will only see long term open deals.

Step 3

You are now signed up in our database.
Look at the Open Brand Deals. Here we display some of our long term open Brand deals that you can easily sign up for. If you’re selected, a team member from Petsfluence will reach out via email with further details.
Brands are constantly reaching out to us with new campaigns and as part of our family you’ll be the first considered! If you are selected for any of our Brand Deals a team member will reach out via email.
So keep an eye out for your next email and don’t worry we always have new deals on the horizon.

Step 4

So you received an email from our team and have shown interest in a Brand campaign. PAWSOME!!
Petsfluence now is busy doing an account audit, sending your name and metrics and other details to the Brand. The Brand will then decide if they think you are fit for their campaign.
Petsfluence acts as an advisor to the Brand, helping them choose the right Petsfluencers based on account audits and metrics.

Step 5

You are selected! Yeah!!
Petsfluence will now send you a Brand campaign email containing all the details of your contract and how to successfully end your campaign.
In case of a free product you sit back and wait until your product is delivered, when delivered follow the instructions provided.
Once your product reaches you, you can start your campaign. First, reread the campaign details provided in your Brand campaign email. If you cannot locate them please contact us ASAP.
Did you not get mail back from us?
That means the Brand has decided to go in a different direction. Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean they won’t be interested to work with you at a later date.
Keep an eye on your mailbox! Brands often work with small groups of Petsfluencers at a time and as they extend their campaigns with us or start new ones they may add additional members. You could be one of those members!

Step 6

You finished your tasks. Awesome!
Now all you need to do is send us your insights.
All info regarding this is provided in the email containing your campaign details.
For paid collabs this is the moment to get paid! After you send us your insights Petsfluence will pay you out within 10 business days.
You have now successfully completed your first campaign! Congratulations! You’re a REAL Petsfluencer now!
Petsfluence will give your campaign a score in our in-house system. You won’t see this score; but, it helps Petsfluence to advise a Brand next time they work with you.
So, if your campaign was a success your score will be high, making it easier for us to promote you for future campaigns!

Step 7

Keep an eye out for new brand collaborations on our website or in your mailbox.

Do I need to have a social media account to be able to do a brand deal with Petsfluence?

Yes and No! Yes for influencer marketing, we can only offer Brand deals to people who have a public social media account. Since Brands give something to you for free or even offer financial compensation they expect their product to be seen on your social media handles by your audience.
No for animal casting. For our animal casting solutions you are on site with the client, in a photo shoot production, or even on a production set in theater or movie/TV work production, in this you do not HAVE to have a social media account for your pet.

Do I have to own a pet account?

No! Although most Brands prefer a pet account, you can have another type of social media account. As long as the focus lays on pets or you post your pets regularly the Brand may still be interested.

Do I need to have a minimum of followers?

No! You do not have to have 10.000’s of followers to sign up. You can even sign up from the day you start your social media account. If you have 100 followers today you can have 1000’s of followers a couple weeks or months later already.
Although Brands will prefer a sizeable following count, they do not only look at followers. They rather look at your engagement (engagement rate on comments, likes etc.) In fact, many Brands love to work with Micro-Influencers.
We do need to be honest with you. If you have a very low engagement rate and very few followers there will not be many Brands that want to work with you. In that case try to get your engagement up by well… engaging with a lot of others and try applying for a Brand deal on a later date.

Do I have to be on more social media platforms?

No!! We do campaigns on the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Twitter and even more; but, you don’t have to be on them all. If you are just on one social platform you are able to join any campaigns where the Brand is searching for influencers on that particular social media platform. Most commonly, campaigns are launched on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. Despite this, if you have a pet account on any other platform this might help you in getting a deal from Brands where the need is there to advertise on those platforms too.

Do I need to pay or do I get paid?

There are a few different set ups. First of all, we are a platform that offers free products and paid collabs. For micro-influencers typically it starts with free products but how small your account is, you might get a extra compensation already. This depends on more as only your followers count! So you can have an account with only 500 followers, but your content is of such high quality that the brand is ready to pay for your content too. It is always tailored to the account we are working with. 1 thing is for sure… you NEVER have to pay us
Compensation depends on how many followers you have, how high your engagement rate is. Your quality of content, your  geographical location, the location of all your followers who we track, and so much more metrics are there to take in account. The higher and better in tandem with the brand needs these are, the more likely that a Brand is going to pay extra to get you to do the deal. To be clear, there are no standards in this. Some Brands just have larger budgets than others. Specific compensation details are provided prior to signing on to any Brand campaigns. What ever deal you might doing through us, if the brand chooses not to pay extra on top of the product, this is always made clear up front so you can decide if you like to go through with the deal or not. The brand ALWAYS pays for any shipping, border fees or clearance costs.
In paid collaborations you get paid to post on your social media. In this case you get paid AFTER your campaign is finished successfully and have sent us your insights and proof of completion, you will get detailed info how to invoice us.
Additionally, we have exclusive discounts on products and services that don’t require you to do anything! As you can see there are numerous benefits to being part of the Petsfluencer family! What are you waiting for? Join us today!

Can I contact the brand myself in a campaign?

NO!! Every communication during campaigns goes through Petsfluence. We do not only represent you as a Petsfluencer but also the Brand. Brands often hire our services so they can focus on their core business instead of influence marketing. Doing this is in violation of our terms and conditions and will lead to us blocking you from our platform and social media. In extreme cases we may even need to take legal steps.

Can I delete my account or make changes on it?

YES!! You can delete your account anytime by asking us to remove it or make any changes at any point in time. Know that our program does back-ups everyday and does keep data from previous back-ups. So, we will always have access to your previously provided data. This is to protect our business and partners as well as prevent influencers who have been banned from our platform from taking further advantage. You can find more info about this on our terms and conditions.

Can I delete my promoted post?

NO!! You can NEVER delete your promoted post. Petsfluence need to be able to see your insights even on a later date if needed. If in your briefing is stated differently your post is ALWAYS permanent and need to stay on your account for life. If stated differently in your briefing in a campaign you do not delete, but archive your post instead.

For brands

How does it work (influencer campaign option)

Step 1

Are you searching for Petsfluencers or other Brands, but you have no idea where to begin or what to do? Maybe, you just don’t have the time to set up the campaigns and do the follow up yourself. Or maybe you have an offer/deal for another Brand? If so, you’ve found your partner in Petsfluence.

Step 2

Using the menu bar, navigate to the Brand Sign Up page. Once there, fill in the given form. Here, you are able to explain your needs or any questions you might have. We try to answer all inquiries within 48 hours on business days but can be delayed due to workload.

Step 3

You’ve successfully submitted the sign up form. A Petsfluence agent is now in direct contact with you to answer all your questions and discuss details about your campaign. Once reaching a deal, we start generating campaign mail and begin searching for the Petsfluencers you need. Our influencers are given a 48 hours or more to respond depending on the urgency of your campaign.

Step 4

Our Petsfluencers who are interested in working with you have reached out. At this point we will send you all the necessary info about interested Petsfluencers allowing you time to decide what influencers you are the most interested in. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this process. We will pre-select Petsfluencers based on our audit results and only provide the best ones for your campaign. All you have to do is decide who you’d like to work with.

Step 5

This is our time to shine! We’ll begin sending out Brand campaign emails, taking over, and following up on each detail of every separate campaign. Our Petsfluencers will be posting your product or service on their social media. They’ll send us their insights, or proof of tasks being done. These are available upon request. Transparency is key, we want you to feel confident working with us.

Step 6

Your campaign is finished. We can now analyze all the insights to gauge how successful your campaign was. Here we can discuss how to further assist your Brand or discuss a new campaign right away.

Petsfluence strives to make a success of every campaign. The success of a campaign depends on many factors and our Petsfluencers are just a part of it. The quality of your product or service, pricing, and overall interest of the main public has influence on the success of your campaign too. If we suggest to lower your pricing, change anything up on your branding or make any changes in general we really hope you trust our expertise in this and are able to work together on a common goal.

Not only are direct sales important, oftentimes many people are following you, saving your posts or bookmarking your Brand to buy later. People like to think about it or want to look to your direct competition to see if they offer a better deal. They often come back later to sign in on your service or buy your product. Your branding and pricing has the biggest influence of this all.

Here at Petsfluence, we just give you the platform to get your Brand in front of the right audience. You as a Brand have the best tools to get that audience really interested. We will not be scared to say our honest opinion because we want to see you flourish. Your success is our success and our goal is that we can grow together.

Do I need to pay a monthly subscription?

No!! We do not work like typical companies where you pay to keep us on retainer. With Petsfluence you only pay for actual campaigns that are carried out! We do offer a subscription base plan in our social media management program. But again you are not bound to us longer as the month you signed up for. You can stop every started month with a 15 days notice up front by the end date of the contract date. Although if you missed this date, you have to work a month longer with us. We work up front in making content and planning. Therefor we need this 15 days notice.

Is there a minimum budget needed to start working with Petsfluence?

Yes, but our minimum budget is very low! You can start a one Influencer test campaign for only €25! This is our work + the influencer themself included. We recommend starting with a larger budget for the best results though. Petsfluence recognizes the value of new and small businesses and we want to make our services easily accessible to all. We’d love to be a part of your company’s journey, helping you along the way, and celebrating the milestones together.

Do I own the rights of the content that is posted by Petsfluencers?

NO, you DO NOT own any content that is made by Petsfluencers. You DO have the right to reshare the content with appropriate credits given to the Petsfluencer on the social media platform of your choosing. You are able to use content in promotional needs, such as on your website, without credits, but have to protect this content to be able to be downloaded or saved by others. Please read our terms and conditions for further details.
Do you want to obtain licencing or promotional rights for specific content? Then you need to send us an offer for the content you want to obtain and we will get in touch with our Petsfluencer to see if they are willing to sell their full or co- copyrights to you. Any direct contact with the Petsfluencer to buy these licencing or copy-rights without including Petsfluence will lead to us blocking your Brand from our platform and social media for life, and we will also need to take steps to many of our partners in the licencing business where you will get blacklisted from other established brands. In certain circumstances we might need to take legal steps if necessary. But we are sure it never have to come so far, hey…!!! We are here to help you in all of this. We take care of all the work for you, contracts, payments, or even rent based copyrights. We are here to really get the best protection and service help you as well the petsfluencer need. So you as well the petsfluencer is protected by a third party that can step up if any problems occur. In this we also run your content through a system that scans the whole internet to see if anyone is using your content. If this is the case, we step up and again do all the work for you to make sure this content is taken down, if not take legal steps to get you the compensation that is needed.

Can I contact the Petsfluencer myself to make last changes to a campaign?

NO!! All campaign communication MUST go through Petsfluence. We do not only represent you as a brand but also the Petsfluencer. Doing this will lead to us blocking you from our platform and social media. In certain circumstances we might need to take legal steps if necessary.

Can change the social media management plan I am currently in?

Yes you can! Although we need to work off the month you started. You can switch between plans every month to a larger plan, or even downgrade to a smaller plan. You can always add a booster snack package whenever you like to or need extra engagement or customer service on a period your brand has more engagement going on or when intern marketing team is on holiday for instance on holidays, black Friday or even call us in to live when you have to deal with sick leave from employees where Petsfluence can be the partner that jumps in to help your brand out for a short time when in need.

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