FIRST AID FOR MISCHIEF- The survival guide for cat parents by Joline De Jaegher

Yes, you love your four-legged friend. But let’s be honest: sometimes it feels like you’ve brought home a little troublemaker. One that wets your parquet floor, turns your favorite chair into a scratching post, or treats you to a howling concert at night. And yet, half an hour later, they are already purring and cuddling on your lap.

That’s why this survival guide not only focuses on the well-being of your cat but also on how you, as a cat parent, can survive and tackle all these antics. Fill in the mischief they have been up to, take a peek into the criminal’s mind, and, most importantly, learn how to prevent repeat offenses with smart tips and tricks from cat behavior therapist Joline De Jaegher. Joline De Jaegher is known from Chat-O-Gand and the previous cat book Snor.

Why is this an indispensable cat book for cat parents?

– A fun and informative gift book for every cat person

– Includes enjoyable fill-in lists and beautiful illustrations by Dutch artist Mariska Gewald

– Packed with helpful tips and tricks from an experienced cat therapist

Targeted Petsfluencers

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Only Dutch Petsfluencers!

Target country

Belgium and south Netherlands


You will receive this awesome book for FREE in exchange for a Feed and Story feature on Instagram where you place a 24-hour bio link to their shop, a post on your personal Facebook about it, and a review on their website! Pet influencers who have a blog, website, or other platform can also apply. Acceptance on other platforms depends on the engagement and influence you can offer.

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