Do you LOVE to try out some delicious food and snacks of a really good developed dog and cat food?

Lobo and Gato “nature pet food” developed dog and cat food based on the knowledge and experience of several experts (including breeders, cynologists, veterinarians and nutritionists). Lobo & Gato is highly enriched with all kinds of supplements and super healthy for your cat or dog. Due to the special procedure of processing the strictly selected basic raw materials and the additives, there is no loss of nutritional value. Lobo & Gato “nature pet food” guarantees a very high palatability and excludes any problem of acceptance. The additives provide an extra addition to the essential nutrients. This all benefits the cat/dog’s condition in general and the skin and coat in particular. The high-calorie meal is digested very lightly and this results in a good and limited amount of stool.

Targeted Petsfluencers

We are looking for Dogs and cats with a social media account on instagram. Do you have minimum 1500 followers or close to it and beautiful HQ content and a great egagement? Do you LOVE to try out products of this PAWsome brand? Then you can sign up on this deal!

Target country

Belgium, The Netherlands


You will get FREE products (Complete food + delicious snacks) in return for a Feed and Story feature + review!

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