Dog Food

“A man’s best friend” or “faithful companion” – these terms reveal the special bond that exists between a dog and its owner. Loyalty and faithfulness are the words that come to mind first when describing this bond, a bond cherished through good care, with proper nutrition being an integral part of it!

At Energique, we produce high-quality raw meat meals that are optimally tailored to meet the needs of dogs. We base our formulations on the latest scientific insights, steering clear of the fads that come and go on social media. Our meat meals always consist of a combination of fresh meat, grains and/or vegetables, high-quality oils, vitamins, and minerals. Each ingredient serves a purpose in the health and well-being of the animal. Our goal is to create the most optimal nutrition for the animal, not just for the owners.

From adorable puppies to active seniors, a tasty and balanced diet is crucial for both growing and adult dogs. Energique’s raw meat meals for dogs are specially designed to meet the natural nutritional needs of your pet. Suitable meals can be found for both growing pups and adult dogs. We also offer meals for working dogs and dogs sensitive to certain types of food.

We’ve carefully balanced the levels of calcium and phosphorus and maintained a good calcium-to-phosphorus ratio for the development and maintenance of strong bones and joints. A high content of high-quality meat sources ensures a flavorful meal that honors your dog’s carnivorous origins.

To support digestive function and promote a healthy, easy stool, each meal contains sufficient fiber from both plant and animal sources.

Fish oil and sunflower oil provide the necessary fatty acids that dogs need for a healthy skin and coat.

Energique’s raw meat meals for dogs also guarantee high moisture intake through food. With over 60% of the meal consisting of moisture, dogs receive enough fluid through their diet to support the body’s fluid balance and the kidney’s excretion function.

Something for everyone, as not all dogs are the same, and to cater to differences in taste, sensitivity, and activity levels, Energique offers a variety of dog meals, including:

  • Energique Puppies
  • Energique Adult Dogs
  • Energique DogVital
  • Energique Special
  • Energique Pure Duck
  • Energique for Working Dogs
Target country

Belgium and The Netherlands

Targeted Petsfluencers

We are looking for dogs with social media accounts on Instagram, with an absolute minimum of 1k followers and high engagement. It’s essential to note that this brand specifically seeks content creators who feed raw dog food or like to test it out and create high-quality content. If you also have good engagement from your followers on your posts, then you are the perfect fit and can sign up for this opportunity. Vloggers and blog writers on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, are also welcome. If you fall in this last category please write this in your sign up.

In exchange for a Feed post and a Story feature, along with an honest review, you will get a gift certificate sent at home to get your dog 3kg of Energique food to try out. Please be aware that, given the nature of deep-frozen food and to be 100% sure your food is reaching you in the best possible way, you will need to obtain your supplies from a local distribution points such as pet stores, breeders, or veterinarians. You can locate the nearest distribution points on the Energique website.
Accounts with 1k to 12k followers will receive 50 Euros, while those above 12k will receive 100 Euros as compensation.
If you’re not on Instagram but have a strong social media presence elsewhere, you’re welcome to sign up. Make sure to specify your presence and what you can offer for this advertisement in your sign-up. Bloggers are also welcome to sign up.

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