Do you LOVE a good beer after a long day at work? Do you love French fries, hamburgers, and good snacks? Well… your dog does too!

After a very long day of sleeping and waiting at your door until you get home, they love to drink a beer and eat French fries with a good hamburger and other tasty snacks, just like you. And what better country to get this from than Belgium! Although fries are called French, Belgium is basically the country that has the best ones, just like their beer!

Now SnuffleDogWorld has made dog beer, fries, and yummy snacks for dogs! But don’t worry, it’s not real beer, so your doggo will not get drunk, and the fries are specially made for your dog’s consumption.

So now you can have a beer together, and your doggo can enjoy French fries too! In this deal, you’ll receive lots of yummy treats as well.


Targeted Petsfluencers

We are looking for dogs with a minimum of 3k followers and a minimum engagement rate of 8% (above 5k followers, a minimum of 5% engagement; above 10k followers, over 3% engagement; above 50k followers, over 2% engagement).

Target country

All countries that are part of the European Union


In exchange for a Feed and Story feature on Instagram, as well as a review on their Facebook page, you will receive a really nice and well-filled gift box, along with several bags of yummy treats, all for FREE! Bloggers or vloggers on other platforms are also welcome to participate. (barter deal)

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