Introducing FUEL Pet Supplements:
FUEL is the most comprehensive supplement on the market, packaged as a tasty treat. Developed by veterinarians and certified nutrition specialists with proven results. FUEL’s unique supplements combine scientifically proven postbiotics with a minimum of three carefully selected natural and active ingredients per recipe. Packaged like delicious candies for your four-legged friend. Five supplements with proven results for the price of one, perfect for caring and budget-conscious dog lovers. With daily use and loving attention, you can start seeing the first signs of improvement after 4 weeks. Because every dog is unique, and the digestive process varies from dog to dog, in exceptional cases, it may take up to 8 weeks before noticeable improvements occur. Consistency is crucial for achieving the best results for your furry friend. The power of postbiotics is a recent and remarkable discovery in the world of nutritional supplements, offering various benefits for the health and well-being of your beloved dog. These bioactive substances are produced during the fermentation process of probiotic bacteria and contain valuable components such as metabolic by-products, peptides, organic acids, enzymes, and vitamins! Fuel your pets now with the delicious soft chews of FUEL 4 PETS Pet Supplements!
Targeted Petsfluencers

We are looking for dogs with social media accounts on Instagram (primarily) and Facebook, with an absolute minimum of 5k followers and high engagement (unless invited). It’s essential to note that this brand specifically seeks content creators who prioritize their pets’ health and reside in aesthetically pleasing homes or create high-quality content. Therefore, having a well-designed and attractive home interior or garden is a plus. If you also have good engagement from your followers on your posts, then you are the perfect fit and can sign up for this opportunity. Vloggers and blog writers on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, are also welcome.

Target country

Belgium and The Netherlands

In exchange for a Feed post and 3 Story features, along with an honest review, you will receive a can of 90 soft chews to try out. Accounts with 5k to 12k followers will receive 50 Euros, while those above 12k will receive an additional 100 Euros as compensation. Accounts under 2k will not receive a extra compensation on top of their products). You will also get a personal affiliate program to earn even more, where your friends will receive a direct 25% discount code, and you will receive a 10% commission. There’s an extra bonus system when you reach certain targets. Accounts above 20k can submit a reasonable pricing request for collaboration. *Accounts under 20k will receive the same compensation.
If you’re not on Instagram but have a strong social media presence elsewhere, you’re welcome to sign up. Make sure to specify your presence and what you can offer for this advertisement in your sign-up. Bloggers are also welcome to sign up.

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